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In our first session, we figure out together if I am a good fit for what you need and if so, develop an action plan that would include your goals and ways we can work together to help you achieve those goals.   In the next few sessions, I take a history about who you are, how you were raised, what your strengths are, and what stands in your way currently in meeting your goals.  In subsequent sessions  (typically done on a weekly basis), I would guide you in a variety of ways to explore your issues to see about how best to cope with them.  In addition to giving you space to understand what stands in your way, I  incorporate a variety of  practical methods in our sessions (such as role-playing and EMDR) to help you try on new approaches to your life and to explore and challenge negative beliefs about yourself that are limiting your ability to move forward in a positive direction.  I assign homework each session (such as writing down affirmations about yourself, reading a chapter and practicing new skills from a stress management workbook, or reframing your negative assumptions) to help you practice new behavior and develop a habit of thinking about yourself in a more positive and pro-active way.  Once you have made enough progress towards your goals to decide to leave therapy, you are always welcome back if you need a few sessions as a “tune-up" to help you with new problems that might arise or old problems that you need to revisit that are standing in your way of moving forward.

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