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The  Cambridge Center for Gender Relations was co-founded in 1995 by myself  and Dr. Lee Perlman (a senior lecturer in Philosophy at MIT).  CCGR is a consulting company dedicated to increasing gender empathy by adhering to  the following principles:


• Gender norms and stereotypes exaggerate the differences between men and women in problematic ways

• Women and men can misinterpret each other’s behaviors and intentions, leading to difficulty in communication

• Educating people about the negative effects of gender norms and stereotypes in an experiential and non-judgmental manner helps reduce conflict and improve relationships between the sexes.


The Center promotes understanding and respect between men and women through a multi-dimensional approach which includes workshops, training sessions, focus groups, ground table discussion, and peer training.  Each format is designed to be gender-balanced and highly participatory.  Special attention  is paid to helping participants avoid blaming the other gender for problems which exist between the sexes.  The structure and length of each format are designed to meet the particular requirements  of clients  We will work closely with your staff to insure you receive the format best suited to your needs:


The Center offers the following services:


• Assessment:  identification of core issues in gender relations in your organization through surveys, focus groups, and round table discussions

• Orientation:   orientation about gender-related issues for new staff or students through half day or all day sessions.

• Education:  Workshops and seminars which promote more effective inter-gender communication and more constructive methods of dealing with problems between women and men in the work place or on campuses.

• Training:  recruitment and training of staff or students in your organization to conduct gender relations workshops on an ongoing basis.

• Mediation:   solution-oriented strategies for dealing with common problems between men and women


CCGR has established peer training programs in institutions of higher education and  has run a variety of workshops professional psychological associations, businesses, government, and colleges and universities.  A sample of workshop topics include:


• Getting along and getting ahead:  Gender roles in the workplace.

• Increasing gender empathy between partners.

• What’s gender got to do with it?  How gender roles impact us.

• Flirting 101: How to avoid mixed signals.

• Sex roles in the classroom.


Dr. Sweet has worked with colleagues  Dr. Frederick Rabinowitz, Dr. William DeFranc and Terri Morse LMHC to offer the following CEU workshops:


• Women counseling men: Practicing male-friendly therapy.  American Psychological Association convention, Washington DC. (2014) Morse & Sweet.

• Women counseling men: Practicing male-friendly therapy. American Psychological Association convention, Honolulu, HI. (2013) Morse & Sweet.

• Encountering gender in relationships and therapy:  An experiential case study approach. Wyoming Psychological Association, Cheyenne WY. (2006) Rabinowitz & Sweet.

• Silent men, angry women:  Exploring how therapists can address common gender issues in relationships.   British Columbia Psychological Association, Vancouver, Canada(2006) Rabinowitz & Sweet.

• Mad or sad:  Understanding and treating depression in boys and men, Massachusetts Psychological Association, Lexington MA (2004). DeFranc & Sweet.




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